You can build your software applications at substantially lower price without compromising on quality.

Mr.Paul from the Sultanate Of Oman is a wild life photography enthusiast. He wanted to develop an application to aid wild life photographers. He approached us because of our experience in software product development with leading software development companies as employees. The main driving force of this project was Paul’s passion for wild life photography. At the same time, like many other first time entrepreneurs, he was not clear about the investment required (by way of money and time), and the pay back period. After a couple of online meetings, we could highlight the potential business risks to him, which he was willing to take.

The next step was to identify the right team for this project. We contacted a handful of software development companies from the tier two cities of India, for a proposal to build and support this software. It is at that time we realized that the difference between the lowest and the highest was about thirty times. Since we are trained to believe that quality is directly proportional to price, we could not decide easily. Since one of the lowest quote came from a referral by a well known person to us, who is highly technical and working for a leading product company in Melbourne, Australia – we decided to work with them. The project is managed using SCRUM framework on Jira, which provides absolute visibility for all stakeholders. This project is under development. Will write about this project more as it progresses.

When we look around there are many cases where the startups and entrepreneurs with shoestring budgets suffer due to;

  • Exorbitant cost for software development
  • Poor quality of the software developed
  • Delays in software development
  • Poor support

The objective of Scrumlancer is to solve these challenges by combining the best of freelancing, professional project management and Quality assurance.

We will work with you to launch your product on time, with minimal operational issues and within tight budget by working with you throughout the product life cycle.

For this we will work with you to;

  • Identify the business, technical and financial risks upfront
  • Define the product road map, with emphasis on minimum viable product first
  • Identify the right development team
  • Perform Project Management and Quality Control
  • Support you as your business grow

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