About us

We want to reduce the cost of development of software without compromising on quality and timely delivery. To achieve this, Scrumlancer combines the best of freelancing and professional project management using Scrum on a distributed environment.

We have been toying with this idea for a while. Now the time has arrived. Pandemic has redefined the rules of building software applications. Those who have invested in expensive brick and mortar infrastructure will have to re-look into their software development strategy as most of the workforce is working from home, and that is here to stay. For Scrumlancer, having almost zero overheads and flat organization structure is a strategic advantage, which will help us to serve our customers in the most competitive and efficient way.

We have almost three decades experience in software development and experience in using Scrum framework. We choose our team / partners carefully to ensure adherence to the following values of;

  • Courage – Have the courage to the do the right things and to work on the tough problems.
  • Focus – Everyone focuses on the work at hand.
  • Commitment – People personally focus on achieving the commitments on time.
  • Respect – Team members and customers respect each other.
  • Openness – The team members, customers and other stakeholders agree to be open about the work status and the challenges faced.

We look forward to expand our network of customers and partners.